Beautiful Plans

September already?! I can’t believe how the months have flown by! Mentally I’m feeling ready for fall as we are nearing October, but physically, as temps here have already reached over 100*, I know we are just starting to head into spring and then into summer. I’ve got lots of heat ahead! 

But, what a year this 2020 has been! I don’t think I could have planned or prepped enough for what theses weird 7 months would hold, as I would have never dreamed I would come back from my furlough and basically be in full quarantine months later! Restrictions have lightened up, and apparently will continue to do so, but lets just say this hasn’t been my favorite 7 months of life. 🙂 I’ve enjoyed seeing all the memes, though. This one has been one of my favs:

I got all moved into my new house at the end of May/beginning of June! There was lots of hole-filling and painting to do on the inside, but I enjoyed the project. I’ve slowly been making this house my home, and I’m ever so thankful for this beautiful space. (I live in the top story, and my friend and her family below. The house is owned by the mission.)

I was able to head up to the Chaco in June and basically get the rest of my things, but had to get special permission from the National Police to actually take my things, as “moves” here weren’t permitted.

I added a little member to the family in June as well!

His name is Huron. I think I’m going for a “Great Lakes” theme with my names for a while! I love that it reminds me of where I’m from!! BUT, he has already been a HUGE blessing to me, and I’ve enjoyed snuggling, training, and even the emergency vet visits! 😖 I’m so very thankful to have the company of a fur friend again, and especially thankful he seems to have his clean bill of health back!

I have enjoyed being able to delve a little bit more into my new ministry in the Mobilization Department, as well as getting to know and spend time with my new coworkers. I’ve been a part of getting a new logo, getting our Facebook account back up and running, learning to make graphics and post content. (link here: Feel free to check it out if you want to see what I have been up to! I’ve also made us an instagram account, which basically has the same postings. (But if you wanna take a look here’s the link:

I don’t quite feel like a great designer of content or graphics yet, but I have learned SO much so far and know God will continue to show me more! One thing through all of this is I have been SO thankful and have been able to see and be encouraged by the Lord’s plans in all of this.

The only reason I can do more than half of what I do is because God gave me the PERFECT friends (and some of them are my Paraguayan family too!!)! They own and operate a Digital Media Marketing company, and have really been SUCH a help and encouragement to me in this whole process! Who would have known when I arrived in Paraguay those 7 years ago, working in an office just once morning a week to be immersed for a little bit in Paraguayan culture, that that would be such a help to me now, today! Geesh, God blows my socks off sometimes in His purposeful care of me. I’m forever grateful to the Lord, and to my awesome friends!!

I was so thankful to be able to share in a young adults group 2 weeks ago (via Zoom because there is still no meeting in large groups here) about how the Lord called me to missions, what missions is, and about missions among the least reached! It was interesting to hear my host cousin (she is the one who invited me to speak) say, “I’ve known Katie all these years and for some reason or another, I never got to know this part of her life.. I’m SO glad God had us get together JUST at the right moment so that I could invite her to share, and so that I could learn more about this aspect of 

missions!” It’s kinda crazy how we can know someone for years, but not really “know” much about them or their passions. It was an encouragement to me to be more intentional in my conversations with others! 

And, I’m excited to have another opportunity to share with yet another young adults group (via Zoom) on the 19th of this month. I’m really enjoying this aspect of my new job! Encouraging people to see God’s heart for the lost, specifically the indigenous, and encourage them to be a part!!

Overall, there have been a rollercoaster of emotions these last months, as I’m sure many of you have experienced as well. For me, being a people person, this quarantine has definitely taken its toll and I have had to adjust time and time again to these new “normals”. The reality of stepping out of a church-planting type ministry to one of a support role has proved to have its hard moments, as more than half my life I thought I would do something else. I have struggled with missing some big family moments in Michigan too. I have struggled with bad attitudes, frustration, self-pity. 


But the Lord has been ever so faithful. Ever so kind. And ever so good. As I have been reading in Ezequiel, I have been reminded many a time over just how patient and loving our God really is. His people went off, ignoring the Lord, whoring themselves out to their idols, living for man and not for God, with eyes that wandered everywhere but to their Father. But He says to them in Ez. 11:17-20, “I will gather you.. I will give you the land of Israel… I will give them one heart, and a new spirit… I will remove the heart of stone… and give them a heart of flesh… and they shall be my people and I will be their God.” 

PRAISE THE LORD, that through all their wrong-doing and living for themselves, the Lord never abandoned them! They had many more hard times to come, some of it punishment for all their awfulness, but not ONE time did the Lord leave them. He always was there, and He always had His beautiful plan of salvation, eventually sending His beautiful and only Son Jesus, in the works. 

So, what an encouragement it has been to me to read of God’s steadfast, ever-faithful, never ending love and pursuit of His people. Even though I have been selfish and felt alone many times during these months of quarantine, the Lord has been there, ever working out His beautiful plans not just for me in my life, but for my family and friends both here and in Michigan, and more than that, for the whole world. And what a good reminder of the privilege it is to be called His daughter, invited into this beautiful plan to spread His fame among the nations.


  • Randee Rios

    Katie- Your news letter has so blessed my heart-I am actually in awe of all you have accomplished since you have been back- so glad to see the Lord using your talents and gifts in your new area of service and your positive attitude as you learn more. I love your house and hearing about the work and labor of love you have put in to make it your own is good- we all need that place to rest be at peace study and also bring others to bless them with what the Lord has given us. Huron
    Is darling and I Am so glad you have him and the sweet family that lives below you. We can feel your loneliness at time being quarantined
    Especially in another country- we are all getting used to these things – I really felt it the first two weeks of six my husband was in the
    Hospital I wasn’t allowed to visit – but some how by Gods Grace I made it through!!! So very proud of you for hanging in this very difficult time and not being close to your family- how we must throw our arms around Jesus neck clinging to Him-at times like these!!! You are very dear to my heart – I am praying for you and looking forward to keeping in touch now that we are on email- Love you lots and thanking the Lord for the beautiful way you shine for Him❣️❣️❣️Randee

    • Katie Mae Sawyer

      Thank you, Randee!! I appreciated your encouragement, love, and prayers so much!!! Love you too!! 💜Katie

  • Glenna Waters

    Thank you Katie Mae!!! You continue to be an inspiration to us all. Even though you struggle, you know the Lord is on your side and with you always. I hope that more people (me included) turn to our Lord and include him in every aspect of our lives. We know that only God that can get us through these troubling times! Blessings to you!